The DCM100 full wave DC Motor Control is designed for excellent performance over its entire 50:1 speed range. Applications include:

  • Packaging Machines

  • Conveyors

  • Pumps

  • Machine Tools

  • Index Tables

  • Screening/Printing Equipment

  • Wire Feeders

  • Automation Equipment

Every control is supplied with a correctly sized horsepower resistor, pre-wired main control pot and operating instructions. Enclosed models are available with line cord, switch and fuse in a heavy gauge steel enclosure. Special armature/ line voltage combinations are available.





Part# / Series:

S100 / S200 / S300 /SR100/ VF420


EDR POWER CONTROLS provide a low cost adjustable power source for a wide variety of industrial applications. Output voltage follows control knob rotation from approximately zero to full line voltage.  Standard models are available in 120 or 240VAC, 50/60Hz with current ratings to 40 Amps.  MIN and MAX trim pots provide customized output voltage ranges (10-24 VAC, 60-100VAC, etc.) A replaceable AC/DC conversion jumper provides 120/60 pulse per second operation for vibratory feeding equipment.  The S100/200/300 series can be controlled by relay contacts, switches, thermistors, programmable controllers (5-30VDC signal) and other automation control equipment.  A large selection of mounting styles, auxiliary heat sinks, and input controls can be combined to make the right control for your application.