EDR Electronics is our preferred supplier for temperature controllers for our branding irons.  Schwerdtle is a 4th generation family owned business that was started in 1879. We manufacture industrial brandingn irons and our customers are primarily in the pallet manufacturing industry. We have shipped our branding irons and EDR temperature controllers all over he USA, Canada and Mexico and as far away as Ireland, Argentina, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia and  Israel. Obviously, with customs and shipping costs you can’t afford to have complaints, returns and the like.  We have never had a single complaint from a customer of the EDR controllers.  I would also recommend them because they have been invaluable to us when we needed technical assistance in order to recommend the right solution to our customers application.  Lastly, as a family owned business we try to support Made in America and family owned wherever we can because we recognize the value these businesses bring to this country and to local economies.  The staff at EDR are our go to guys for anything related to temperature regulation.

Cathy Saint

President/CEO, The Schwerdtle Stamp Company

I am owner of Engraving Arts, maker of custom branding irons and equipment. I have been offering EDR Electronics temperature controls to my customers for over 15 years, specifically the SR100-8 and SR100-15. These controls are built to last and have been included as an option on almost all of our shop built branding equipment.

Clem Wilkes

President, Engraving Arts