DC Motor Speed Control
Part# / Series:
– DCM100
The DCM100 full wave DC Motor Control is designed for excellent performance over its entire 50:1 speed range. The DCM100 can be front panel mounted using the main pot, knob and dial plate. “U” slots in the mounting bracket can be used for back panel mounting with remote pot. Either method provides additional heat sink area. Control output is a linear function of potentiometer rotation. Models DCM100 -1, -2 and -3 can also be operated in a voltage following mode. Motor speed will follow an isolated 0 to 10VDC input signal. The DCM100-3SI output will follow a wide range of input voltage or current signals which can be specified when ordering (4-20ma is standard). The input section of this model is opto-isolated to accept non-isolated and grounded inputs. All models feature Electronic stop (S1,S2 Terminals) for repetitive ON/OFF switching of heavy armature currents with smooth acceleration each re-start. Every control is supplied with a correctly sized horsepower resistor, pre-wired main control pot and operating instructions. Enclosed models are available with line cord, switch and fuse in a heavy gauge steel enclosure. Special armature/ line voltage combinations are available.
Packaging Machines
• Conveyors
• Pumps
• Machine Tools
• Index Tables
• Screening/Printing Equipment
• Wire Feeders
• Automation Equipment
Features & Options:
DCM100-1 for 1/50 through 1/2 HP / DCM100-2 for 1/2 through 1 HP
• Min, Max, IR Comp
• Soft start
• Electronic stop (S1, S2)
• Voltage following (0-10VDC) isolated signal
• Main control pot is Pre-wired to 3 position terminal block
• 120 or 240VAC 50/60 Hz
• Mounting bracket/heat sink allows for front or back panel mounting
DCM100-3 for 1/50 through 3 HP
Above Features Plus:
• Barrier blocks for all connections
• Adjustable current limit and acceleration
• 120/240VAC Switch selectable
Signal Input Option Adds:
• Motor speed follows analog input (4-20 mA standard)
• Signal input is opto-insulated from AC line and ground (No additional isolator boards are required)
• CAL POT for range adjustment in AUTO MODE
• Auto/Man selection (3 position terminal block for jumper or SPDT switch)