FC1000 Feeder Control

 Rugged heavy gauge steel enclosure resists vibration and
harsh industrial environments .
 Removal of cover exposes all adjustments. No cable between
cover and machine mounted base.
 L200/R100 Light source and receiver are epoxy sealed.
Highly flexible cables tolerate tight bends, shock & vibration.
 Can be supplied with sensor of your choice including
reflective, fiber optic and proximity types.
 P.C. Compatible –Accepts control signals from
programmable controllers, etc.
 Feeder Bowl/Hopper interlock prevents bowl overflow.
 T.D. on and T.D. off are separately adjustable.
 60/120 PPS output conversion.
 Sensor alignment L.E.D. and sensitivity adjustment.
 Light/Dark switch.
 Starting voltage trim.
 Soft Start option.
 Compatible with SR100 Power Controls.

The FC1000 parts sensing feeder control with L200/R100 thru beam photo sensors provides total control for vibratory parts feeding systems. Each unit is supplied pre-wired with the sensor of your choice, ready for fast installation. Standard L200/R100 sensors are modulated to eliminate ambient light interference. Beam diameter can be restricted to .040” Dia. for small part detection. Time delay on and off are independently adjustable to achieve maximum feed rates. A bright L.E.D. indicates parts flow and sensor alignment. The hopper interlock feature prevents feeder bowl overflow by removing hopper supply power when the bowl is not running. Knockouts are provided for direct connection to SR100 Hopper/Track controls for total system control.

Model FC1000-3WS accepts 3 wire 10-20 VDC sensors including fiber optic, thru-beam, reflective, metal sensing, and capacitive proximity types. The sensor of your choice can be factory installed. The SOFT START option is useful when feeding delicate parts that cannot tolerate abrupt feeder starts. Soft Start also provides longer feeder life, limiting the power surge at every turn on. Loud coil “hammering” is eliminated.